2 Pakistanis win ‘Inspiring Business Transformation’ Global Awards

2 Pakistanis win ‘Inspiring Business Transformation’ Global Awards
Karachi: At the World CIOs 200 Summit 2020, two Pakistanis won the Global Awards for “Inspiring Business Transformation”.

According to the unit’s statement, several nominations for the 2020 edition of the summit were received before the event, which were reviewed by an international jury and shortlisted 200 front-line CIOs who were nominated for the DX Awards 2020.

A total of 26 countries are part of the World CIO 200 Summit and Pakistan has participated in this event for the second time.

Loco Services, a partner in the Pakistan edition of the World CIOs 200 Summit, has launched this initiative to encourage Pakistan’s Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and bring them to the global stage.
According to the announcement, the 20 CIOs who have won the DX Awards 2020 include Iftikhar Arif, General Manager Information Technology, Miller & Philip Pakistan, and Russell Wyders, Chief Information Officer, Agaaz Khan Universities and Hospitals.

The shortlisted 200 CIOs of the world’s top 200 shortlisted a total of 21 Pakistanis whose names were included in the special annual book ‘The Book of Teens’ (BOTS).

1. Syed Abu Tufail

2. Syed Abdul Qadir

3. Muhammad Qasim Bham

4. Raza Askari

5. Russell Wyders

6. Waqar Naqvi

7. khuja khurm

8. Zaid Omar Farooqi

9. Shakeel Akhtar

10. Zafar Sabih

11. Asim Mahmood

12. Wajahat Khan

13 M. Usman Akram

14. Faisal Hussain

15 Iftikhar Arif

16. Abdullah Rahim Ahmed

17. Faisal Mahmood

18. Faisal Anwar

19. Mashhood Rehman

20 Faizan Mustafa

21. Sahibzada Ali Mahmood

Summit’s media partner Geo News and sports partner PSEB played a key role in making the Pakistan edition a success.

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