3,000 years after the birth of the ‘devil-like’ animal in the jungles of Australia

3,000 years after the birth of the ‘devil-like’ animal in the jungles of Australia
SYDNEY: A 3,000-year-old animal named “Tasmanian Devil” has been born in the jungles of the Australian state of New South Wales, sparking a wave of joy among biologists.

According to the details, thousands of years later in the forest in New South Wales, Australia, a species of animal has been born whose teeth are very dangerous, its claws are very strong and its ability to bite is very high. That is, the Tasmanian devil.

According to reports, the Tasmanian devil was born in the Australian jungle more or less three thousand years later, with the news that people are also wondering how this extinct species was born in the world thousands of years later.

According to foreign media reports, the Australian NGO Aussie Arc, which works for the protection of animals, has been working to save the breed for many years, the organization said in an Instagram post on May 24 in New South Wales. The female Tasmanian devil has given birth at the Barrington Wildlife Sanctuary, and this is the first time in 3,000 years that the breed has been born in Australia’s mainland jungle.

Asi Arc left 26 Tasmanian devil pairs in the open forest last year to revive their offspring, and now the number of Tasmanian devils is likely to increase after the birth of children.

The Tasmanian devil is a wild dog that resembles a mouse in appearance, but its body size is similar to that of a small dog. It is believed that the Tasmanian devil is named after its bloodthirsty jaws, large. Nail claws are given because of their dangerous ability to attack and bite.

In 1996, when biological scientists discovered that the species was dying of facial tumors and cancer, the remaining numbers were stored in zoos and cattle hospitals.

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