4 Effective Tips or Leading a Hybrid Team Set Up

All that companies talk about these days is how to manage hybrid and remote working teams. The Covid-19 disruption caused employees to discover the new work mode. You will be surprised to know that one out of five Americans was already working remotely before the pandemic. The hybrid work model (in-office and remote work) is not the new reality, but it is heading strongly that way.

As per the Reimagining Human Experience survey report by JLL, 66% of 2,000 workers across 10 countries prefer working in a hybrid model even after the pandemic. We believe that more and more organizations will try to recognize hybrid work models and their benefits. Working from home was partially beneficial for employees, as they did not have to take the dreadful commute to work. However, for the employers, it was not as beneficial as having an employee presence in the office premises.

Not to forget that remote working was not entirely a fun time for the employees during a pandemic. Employees with a slow internet connection had to bear long working hours and also displayed ineffective work performance. On the other hand, employees with a better and fast internet connection like Windstream Kinetic have had the leverage to submit their work on time and show higher work performance. Such issues created trouble for the employer, who had to evaluate the employee’s performance during remote work.

However, when it comes to the Hybrid work model, managing elements change entirely. We have brought some tips for managers and employers who want to manage hybrid teamwork effectively.

Set Clear Rules

Organizations that set out clear rules of engagement in place help everyone, including the management and the employees, to pave the way towards high productivity. For instance, leaders who know what type of information is for an in-person discussion, and what information requires virtual team meetings manage work time more effectively.

When employees are working from home, managers need to be disciplined about team meetings – even if it requires multiple times a day. Daily stand-up meetings are more effective for team collaboration, but when employees working from different geographical locations, daily stand-up meetings are necessary.

Ensure Team Members Have the Right Tools

Like we said above, remote working introduced employees to challenges such as slow internet connection at home, unavailability of noise-calling headphones, and lack of privacy for effective work.

However, now with more than a year into remote working, employees and employers should make sure that employees have the right tools to work effectively from home and in the workplace.

Ensuring employees have high-speed internet service at homes such as Windstream Kinetic and other reliable internet service providers, headsets, and webcams are just some essentials for effective hybrid working.

Stay Relentless about Effective and Consistent Meetings

Those working from home during the pandemic have struggled with isolation quite often. Employees working from home can get lost easily as compared to those who show up to work. While a meeting can seem counterproductive for some employees, it is also the easiest practice tool for collaboration and communication among team members.

Lastly, Be Easy on Employees

In the past 2 years, employees have seen a lot of ups and downs. With a constantly changing work environment and standards, your team must be going through some challenges that they might not be able to discuss. Therefore, make sure you give them time and space to settle down into a hybrid work model before expecting them to show their best performance.

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