5 interesting hidden options of smartphones that very few people know

5 interesting hidden options of smartphones that very few people know
Today almost everyone has a smartphone but very few people will be aware of all its options and also options that make it more convenient for you.

1) Multi-tasking screen

This option allows you to perform multiple tasks at once, ie you can use 2 applications simultaneously. Go to About Phone in Settings and click on Developer Options and scroll down to force activities to be resizable and activate it. At the bottom of the Android screen, press the apps button out of 3 buttons and drag the apps you want to use at the same time to the specified location.
2) App Lock

For this, people use lock applications while the phone has a built-in option. You go to settings and turn on the screen pinning option, enter your password then open the app that your friends use. Then press the apps button at the bottom of the screen, a pin icon will appear on the bottom right hand side. Press it Now your friends can only use this app and can’t remove it from the screen. Until you enter your password.

3) Trouble repeatedly unlocking the phone

Fortunately, the smart lock option in Android phones has been around for a long time. There are 3 types of options that will keep the phone unlocked for as long as you have it. Go to Settings and click on Security & Password. The Smart Lock option will be visible. You can use body detection in this, ie after unlock, the phone will not be locked as long as you have it. Similarly, in Trusted Fee, your face will remain unlocked after joining the front camera.

4) Error clearing all notifications

When you clear the on-screen notification, you finally see the necessary notification, but it is too late. The solution is to keep your finger on the screen. The widgets option will open. In it, select the setting widget. You will see that it has a notification log option. From here you can view old notifications.

5) Wi-Fi Direct

Eliminate the hassle of sharing files with Bluetooth now and use Wi-Fi Direct. It doesn’t have the same distance problem as Bluetooth. To do this go to settings and click on connection option. There, when you open the Wi-Fi option, the Wi-Fi Direct option will give you. Turn it on. Now you can share every file with Wi-Fi Direct.

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