A computer mouse that won’t let you do much work

A computer mouse that won’t let you do much work
SEOUL, South Korea: Technology giant Samsung is about to introduce a computer mouse that won’t allow users to do more than necessary.

A South Korean electronics company has introduced the idea of ​​a computer mouse designed to prevent users from overtasking.

This mouse, called the Samsung Balance Mouse, runs away like a real mouse when someone starts to overdo it.
A video about this mouse was released on Samsung’s Korean YouTube channel. The main purpose of introducing this idea is to create work-life balance in Korea.

Samsung says in the video that most of the employees do not go home from office on time. They are pressured to finish the work before the office hours are over and also have extra work pressure.

The company said in the video that it has created an unusual mouse that will eliminate the problem of overwork and save people from doing extra work.

The video showed that the mouse runs away like a real mouse by marking the hand movement and even if someone catches the mouse, the mouse separates the shell and moves forward on its own.

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