A drone robot that walks on ropes, runs on the floor and flies in the air

A drone robot that walks on ropes, runs on the floor and flies in the air
California: This robot looks a bit funny because it does tricks by walking on ropes, walks on the ground, it loves skating and it can even fly in the air. His name is Leonardo, also called Leo for short.

Leonardo is actually an acronym for “Leagues on Board Drones.” It can jump like a locust and even skate. Developed by an automated system and technology in Celtic, this robot has a variety of joints that allow it to move like a human and can be seen jumping and flying thanks to its petals. Details are published in Science Robotics.

Sun Joo Chung, head of the robotics group, says birds take short flights from one tree to another. In this way, some birds fly as if they are jumping, from which we have learned a lesson.

Although many two-legged robots, large and small, have been created, their movement is limited when the ground is uneven. That’s why the need for multifaceted robots has always been felt. However, no one thought of flying a traditional robot. For this, it was necessary for the instantaneous robot to transform itself and be able to fly in the air. That’s why the world’s first walking and flying robot has been developed.


Liu’s legs are made very light. Then it was necessary to keep them upright during the flight and to take the robot straight. For this, a special balanced system has been built in the robot. Now this robot can fly and walk if it wants or it can fill the air with a combination of both.

The two-and-a-half-foot-tall robot has three actuators in both legs. It also has four powerful propellers on its shoulders to fly. However, in the next step, his legs will be made stronger and more dynamic.

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