A speaker who puts the voice of the talkative people in their mouths

A speaker who puts the voice of the talkative people in their mouths
WASHINGTON: A U.S. Navy engineer has developed a non-lethal device that silences people and disturbs crowds by recording the speaker’s voice and returning it to him after a short break.

According to the patent office, Christopher Brown, an Indiana naval officer, has obtained a patent for a device called a loudspeaker, called Acoustic Healing and Dispersion (AHAD). Despite its simplicity, it captures the speaker’s voice and repeats it again in two voices.

This is called delayed voice response or delayed auditory feedback. When the listener hears his own voice a few moments later, he may be unconsciously disturbed or anxious. Sometimes when we talk on the telephone we hear our own voice again and get upset. This item has been invented on the same principle.
In this situation the speaker is affected and stops talking. This simple invention consists of a small bowl-like dish, a microphone and an ultrasonic speaker. In whichever direction it is turned, it hears the voice of the person there and slaps him in the face again. Only the chosen one can hear it.

This is a great invention to warn people or keep unrelated people away from water borders. This may be the best way to warn protesters. It can also be used to intercept others at military posts. But his role in silencing rude people in a gathering cannot be ignored.

But it should be noted that these systems have been in use for more than a decade, but the whole system was very large and heavy and now it has been reduced to manual.

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