A unique painting machine with a swinging pendulum

A unique painting machine with a swinging pendulum
NEW YORK: Painting patterns have been created from a traditional pendulum following a simple invention and the machine is now on sale as a ‘pendulum’.

Pendulum makers have called it a 21st century painting, a combination of art, geometry and science. It features pens on the heads of pendulums that move in a certain way to create drawings and digital art patterns, of which many amazing videos have been posted.

It covers all aspects of STEM, ie science, technology, engineering and mathematics that have been developed in the digital age. It has two types of elliptical movements. These elliptical movements are not caused by a motor or a machine, but by the principles of kinetic energy, gravity and friction, and form beautiful designs.

It has a long pendulum of different weights in which its movement can be controlled by hanging different weights like a disc. The second pendulum is smaller, called the deflector, which is placed below the first pendulum. When a pen is placed on its tip and placed under the paper under it, with a slight movement it begins to form beautiful and varied shapes.

It was created by Dr. Dale Rorabagh, who is also the founder of RD One Studios. His invention mimics the natural design in nature. These include the design of galaxies, spider webs, the shells of marine animals and the movement of subatomic particles.

Thus pendulums can be used in school, office and many other places. It can also take beautiful pictures with an iPad pen. The first simple model will go on sale in November this year, priced at 9 299. However, five drawings of pendulums can be purchased for 25.

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