Add ‘voice emoji’ to Facebook Messenger

Add ‘voice emoji’ to Facebook Messenger
SAN FRANCISCO: On World Emoji Day (Facebook), Messenger has introduced sound emojis that emit sound along with your image, and now you can enjoy the emoji’s sound effects.

That way, when someone sends you a sound emoji in a chat, you’ll be able to hear it. Currently, in addition to applause, there are sound emojis with jingles, drums and terrifying laughter, which will be further enhanced. Also included are audio clips of famous artists and performers, including voices and dialogues from Rebecca Blake, Universal Pictures and others.

According to Facebook, 2.5 billion messages are sent daily on Messenger alone. So the importance of voice emoji becomes clear. On the other hand, a large number of people are interested in sound sensations. That’s what 88% of TuckTuckers say they like to hear with video.

Facebook hopes that this will increase the popularity of Messenger and this option of the app will be popular. People will also be able to send their voices while chatting. This will also promote advertising activities. This way sound emoji can be used in marketing.

It’s very easy to use. Touch the smiley face for the sound emoji, after which a drop down menu will open. From this you can select the Loudspeaker icon and use Sound Emoji Stickers.

Facebook has said that its sound library will continue to grow.

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