Addicted to online games, the child sold his mother’s jewelry

Addicted to online games, the child sold his mother’s jewelry
Nowadays, children’s interest in online games has increased to such an extent that they have followed this trend without distinguishing between good and bad.

In this regard, an incident took place in the Indian city of Delhi where a 12-year-old boy took a wrong step for the sake of the game.

According to Indian media, the child was playing the online game Freefire when he needed money to buy some weapons in the game and if he did not buy weapons, he could not play the game anymore.

To update the game, the boy first took some money out of his father’s pocket which was not enough, later he stole his mother’s gold chain and sold it for Rs 20,000.

According to the report, the child fled the house for fear of being caught and reached Aligarh by train from Delhi where a passenger spotted him on the platform and immediately informed the Railway Protection Force.

Railway police interrogated the child and he confessed to the crime, then the child’s parents were informed about the matter and they rushed to Aligarh.

The boy’s father said that he had given him to take online classes during the mobile lockdown but he started playing games.

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