An important feature of the iPhone hotspot

An important feature of the iPhone hotspot
Silicon Valley: Forgetting passwords is a global problem and speakers of every language in every region of the world face this problem, but the iPhone has now come up with a solution.

Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and other websites give you the option to change or recover the password, but if you forget your Wi-Fi hotspot password, retrieving it is the password of web portals. Easier said than done. If you’ve forgotten your iPhone’s Wi-Fi hotspot password or want to change it, follow these instructions:

1. Go to iPhone settings

2. Tap on Personal Hotspot


3. Go to the Personal Hotspot Settings page and see the Wi-Fi Password option


How to change Wi-Fi hotspot password?

To change the password, go to Settings, tap Personal Hotspot Option, Wi-Fi Password. Then go to the Password field, delete the existing password, type in the new password, and then tap Done to save the setting.

How to rename a Wi-Fi hotspot on iPhone?

To rename a hotspot on an iPhone, you’ll need to rename your iPhone. To do this, go to Settings, then About, No and then change the new name.

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