Android users will now be able to easily transfer WhatsApp data to iPhone

Android users will now be able to easily transfer WhatsApp data to iPhone
California: WhatsApp, a mobile messaging app, allows users to easily transfer messages and all data from Android to iPhone.

Previously, WhatsApp data transfer was possible only with the iPhone to Android.

The feature was introduced last year on WhatsApp, a subsidiary of Meta, which allows users to bring their voice notes, photos and conversations from iOS to the Android operating system.
Following the latest update, WhatsApp users can now safely move their data from Android to iPhone using the ‘Move to iOS’ app. This application is available on the App Store.

Users who migrated from Android to iOS were already using this app to transfer their phone data ie contact details, photos and videos but after the latest update it now includes WhatsApp data. has been done. Click to Instant Famous.

WhatsApp said the transfer would be completely encrypted and that the feature would be available to all users by next week.

“We’re enhancing WhatsApp’s secure phone conversion and data transfer capabilities between Android and iPhone, with end-to-end encryption,” Meta chief executive Mark Zuckerberg said in a Facebook post on Tuesday. Will

He further said that this feature has been demanded many times by the users. We had introduced the feature of data transfer from iPhone to Android last year, which has been expanded to include iPhone transfer from Android to iPhone now. is going.

For data transfer, the iPhone must be on a factory new or reset to factory settings so that it can be integrated with the Move to iOS app and transfer data from Android.

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