Announcing the construction of Commercial Plaza in space

Announcing the construction of Commercial Plaza in space
Atlanta: Amazon owner Jeff Bezos’ company Blue Origin has announced plans to build a large, commercial space station by 2030 where various businesses and businesses will be able to set up their offices.

In this regard, a video has been released by Blue Origin in which the interior scenes of the world’s first “commercial space plaza” have been shown through animation.

The project is called “Orbital Reef” and will be jointly built by Blue Origin and Sierra Space.
It should be noted that Sierra Space is a subsidiary of Sierra Nevada Corporation, which provides extensive services to the US Army and the aerospace sector.

According to the press release, the space will be a “mixed-use business park” where space tourists will be able to spend a few days while companies will also be able to set up their offices.

The “orbital reef” will orbit in the lower orbit at an altitude of about 400 km above the earth. This is almost the same height at which most manned space stations orbit.

Some critics have called it Jeff Bezos’ clever plan to monopolize and rule space.

On the other hand, astronomers are skeptical of the project’s validity because Blue Origin has not yet successfully launched a single rocket. “So how can the space commercial plaza project be completed on time?” picked up.

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