Are Aliens in the Universe?

Are Aliens in the Universe?
Can there be any “human beings” in this universe other than human beings? This is the question that has been circulating in the minds of ancient and modern space scientists and philosophers as well as science function experts.

Many fictional novels and films were made on this question. The protagonist of these novels and films was shown to be a creature that belongs to a planet other than this earth, he was named “Alien”. Some have named humans “aliens”, as evidenced by Dr. Alice Silver’s book, “Human are not from earth.” In this book, Doctor Ellis has given solid arguments to prove that man did not belong to this earth, but that he was brought from another planet and settled here.
In 1790, George Washington used the word “alien” for strangers. In fact, a new law was being enacted in the United States that passed a law granting national citizenship to foreigners or strangers, using the word “alien” for a stranger. The word is still part of the law. In the run-up to the 2016 presidential election, US leader Donald Trump used the terms “legal alien” and “illegal alien”.

In 2016, scientists also received signals from space that they thought were coming from an alien center or a mega-structure. Scientists then used Earth to keep the Earth hidden from aliens. Regular planning was started, as they believed that the aliens were enemies of the land and could pose a threat to the inhabitants of the land.

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