British students start using canoe juice to get corona test positive

British students start using canoe juice to get corona test positive
Schoolchildren in the UK have claimed that putting cannabis juice on a kit used for a corona test gives a positive result.

According to the students, if the Maltese juice is added to the sample used in the kit used in the ‘Cod Literal Flow Test’, a positive result will be seen on the kit in a few minutes.

It should be noted that the ‘Code Lateral Flu Test’ refers to the test of people who do not show any symptoms of corona and they do their own test at home with the help of a small kit. It’s like a strip.

The schoolteacher claimed that his students told him how to get a positive test result with Maltese juice and said that it was the best way to take two weeks off.

The British newspaper The Guardian also confirmed the positive results of the experiment and said that the juice does not contain corona virus but the positive results are due to the acidity in the juice which affects the test result.

According to the newspaper, similar results have been seen in other foods and beverages, including ketchup and Coca-Cola.

Also, according to Andrea Sella, a professor at University College London, the discovery is not surprising, if someone deliberately breaks test protocols, the test results will change.

“I would not ask him to come up with a false positive report because the false positive result will come only when the test taker follows the protocols and still the test is positive and in fact he does not suffer from corona,” he added.

On the other hand, experts say that even if a person’s Rapid Corona test is positive, he must undergo a PCR test for confirmation.

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