Can Smart Watch Diagnose Corona Virus?

Can Smart Watch Diagnose Corona Virus?
We all know that the various sensors in smartwatches have the ability to tell a person’s blood pressure, temperature, heart rate and oxygen levels.

There have also been several apps for diagnosing the global epidemic of corona virus that can diagnose corona with the help of an infected person’s cough, breathing and heartbeat.

People are now asking whether these smart watches equipped with modern technology can diagnose Corona.

A recent study by Mount Sinai Health Systems and Stanford University in the United States.
The study found that smartwatches from Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Fitbit and other brands could detect the early stages of the corona virus in an infected person.

A study by Mount Sinai Health System and Stanford University found that 300 health workers wore Apple smartwatches for 153 days, which showed that corona virus can be diagnosed from human heartbeats. Is.

Because a person’s heartbeat indicates whether their immune system is working properly or not.

The study found that health workers who had coronavirus had lower heart rates than normal.

Studies show that smart watches can successfully diagnose 66% of corona in humans before symptoms of corona appear.

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