Child monitoring feature released on Instagram

Child monitoring feature released on Instagram
CALIFORNIA: In March of this year, Meta announced the release of the first surveillance control for Instagram, which would allow parents to keep track of the time their children spend on social networks.

In a blog post today, Meta announced that the company is introducing new features for teens and parents using Instagram. These new features will give parents more control over the photo sharing app, giving them the option to limit their usage times on Instagram.

Meta said that currently this parental control has been issued in the United States, which will be released later in Japan, the United Kingdom and Australia. These features will be available globally by the end of the year.
Instagram released its first parental control in March, giving parents the option to see how much time their children are spending on the app. According to this feature, parents can see how much their children are following by setting the time.

In addition, children could alert their parents to inappropriate behavior.

In the latest update, parents will need to ask their children for permission to apply this feature, and children will send them invitations. Children can remove this control at any time, but the notification to do so will go to their parents.

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