China has the world’s largest astronomical museum

China has the world’s largest astronomical museum
Shanghai: The world’s largest and most beautifully designed astronomical museum has opened in China. Its exterior design is shaped into intricate curved shapes that reflect cosmic geometry. Looking at the main building from above, it seems that there are three circular structures at the top and bottom. This design shows the planets and their orbits.


The museum covers a total area of ​​420,000 square feet and includes a multi-room exhibition, display, a planetarium, an observatory and a 78-foot high solar telescope. It was designed by an American firm which has also received the 2014 Design Award. In this way, the building fully clarifies astronomical concepts.

At its main entrance is a circle of light that reflects the weather and the time of day. In it the light falls on the floor and travels from one place to another throughout the day. That’s how it works as a sundial.

Next to it is the main building of the Planetarium. Its design is round like the moon and it looks like the moon is rising. Below this is the weightlessness under which people can pass. In front of it is an inverted dome made of glass where one can sit at night and look at the sky.

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