China invents world’s most powerful super quantum computer

China invents world’s most powerful super quantum computer
BEIJING: Chinese quantum computing experts have built a prototype of the world’s most powerful quantum computer, dubbed Jiu Zhang, saying it is currently the world’s most powerful supercomputer. One hundred trillion, or one billion billion times more powerful, while the current most powerful quantum computer is ten times faster than Google Secarmore.

Details of the invention were published online last in the latest issue of the American research journal Science, which means that the claim of the Chinese quantum computer has been confirmed by independent experts in the field.

The computer was developed by experts from the University of Science and Technology of China in collaboration with other Chinese research institutes. The team was led by Professor Pan Jianwei, who is world renowned in modern fields such as quantum computing and quantum cryptography.

Professor Jianwei and his team have been working in the field of quantum computers for the past twenty years, and in the course of their long research they have solved dozens of practical and difficult problems in this field. What is it

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