China: Largest Pollutant Environment, Some Important Facts

China: Largest Pollutant Environment, Some Important Facts

Factories set up in the Hainan Industrial Park in the Chinese city of Wu Hai, just one example: industrial production and development but at what cost

Four-fold increase in coal consumption

Between 1990 and 2015, China’s annual coal consumption nearly quadrupled, and the People’s Republic of China still generates 60 percent of its electricity from coal. Chinese President Xi Jinping has said that China’s emissions of toxic gases will reach their peak by 2030. This means that China’s emissions of such environmentally hostile carbon dioxide will continue to rise exponentially for many more years to come. According to President Xi Jinping, in the next three decades, by 2060, China will be “carbon neutral” in terms of the environment.

Amazing Carbon Brief Statistics
In 2020, three-quarters of all the world’s new coal-fired power plants became operational in China. According to the Carbon Brief, an organization that monitors toxic carbon emissions, more than 80 percent of all coal-fired power plants around the world have been announced so far. Most will be set up in China.

Restaurant food: Thanks, but clean air bill separately

The volume of carbon emissions tripled

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