Corona epidemic waste, wildlife killer

Corona epidemic waste, wildlife killer

The Netherlands: The planet has been in the clutches of Code 19 for the past year and a half. The way humans have begun to put their protection, especially hospital protective clothing (PPE), into the environment has cost the lives of their innocent and speechless animals.

Beach or land disposable masks are everywhere and are spreading death among animals instead of disappearing. Scientists have now warned that the garbage associated with Code 19 has entered the real homes and habitats of animals. These include rubber gloves, face masks and rubber cords and clothing made of polypropylene.

Biologists at Leiden University in the Netherlands were shocked when they saw pictures of a fish caught in a glove on social media. They then began a detailed study of the effects of corona waste. According to him, masks and gloves have become a trap for animals to be trapped and confused. Then their pieces get stuck in the respiratory tract or get into the stomach and make them sick and kill them.

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