Corona Vaccination in Pakistan: What is important to know?

Corona Vaccination in Pakistan: What is important to know?

Like the rest of the world, Pakistan is in the process of vaccinating against the coronavirus. However, many people in the country have differing views on the effectiveness of vaccines and their effects.

A total of 2.1 million people have been vaccinated in the country and the target of 100,000 vaccinations in a single day was achieved for the first time on Tuesday.

According to Federal Minister for Planning Asad Omar, 117,852 people were vaccinated on Tuesday.

Vaccine registration for people aged 40 and over has begun in Pakistan. But the general impression about the corona vaccine is that the vaccine protects you 100% from the epidemic when in fact it is not.

How effective is the vaccine introduced in Pakistan to prevent the virus, do it really have negative effects? And what happens after vaccination? To find out the answers to these questions and misconceptions about the corona vaccine, VOA spoke to Dr. Sumia Iqtdar, a member of the Corona Expert Advisory Group in Punjab.

Does the vaccine provide complete protection against corona?
Dr. Sumia Iqtdar says that even after vaccination, there is no guarantee that there will be no re-infection.

According to Dr. Sumia, each vaccine has a rate of efficacy and according to the Chinese ‘Sino Farm’ vaccine company in Pakistan, their vaccine is 72% effective. That is, according to him, despite being vaccinated, 28% of people are likely to have to be re-vaccinated.

Which corona vaccine is more effective?

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