Decision to remove image of Queen Elizabeth from Oxford University

Decision to remove image of Queen Elizabeth from Oxford University

At the request of Oxford University students, it was decided to remove the portrait of Queen Elizabeth from the institution.

The resolution to remove the portrait in the common room of Magdalen College was moved by Matthew, an American student, with 10 students voting in favor, while 2 students opposed the resolution and 5 abstained.
On the other hand, the decision to remove the picture of Queen Elizabeth has been strongly reacted by the British Minister of Education.

He said that the Queen is not only the head of state but also a symbol of what is best in Britain. The Queen has spread the British values ​​of tolerance, comprehensiveness and respect all over the world.

While defending the students, the president of the college, Barrister Rose, said that it was the students who had installed the portrait of the queen as a symbol of colonial history in 2013, now it is the students who have decided to remove it.

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