Eagle, the world’s most powerful quantum processor

Eagle, the world’s most powerful quantum processor
New York: IBM has unveiled the world’s most powerful quantum processor, dubbed the Eagle. Eagle’s processing speed is 127 quantum bits (cubits).

This significant development is expected to pave the way for the commercial development of high-speed quantum computers. In traditional digital computers, data is either stored in a single form or in a single form. Quantum computers, on the other hand, can have cubits between zero and one, but can also hold data in both conditions at the same time. This makes it clear that endless data processing options can open up.

Now the 127-cubit eagle has been named the world’s most powerful quantum processor. China’s 113-cubit Geuzig, Google’s 72-cubit Brussels Cone record has been broken. 2.0
Quantum computers are being touted as the future of computing based on the principles of quantum physics. It can take computing to new heights. IBM has redesigned the entire chip architecture. The cobwebs in the processor are placed on the same level (single layer). This reduces errors and spreads the control wiring to many physical surfaces.

If a conventional computer were to be made like the Eagle quantum computer, it would require particles equal to the number of atoms in the bodies of every individual in the world. According to IBM, this is no less than a revolution in the field of quantum computing and has been termed by experts as quantum interest.

In 2019, Google built a 53-cubit Sycamore processor, and IBM has since joined the race. Then last year, Chinese experts performed calculations in minutes with their quantum computers, which could have been difficult to solve in two and a half billion years with traditional computing.

According to IBM, next year it will offer a 433-cubit processor, dubbed the Aspere, then a 2121-cubit computer called the Condor in 2023.

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