Earth Shastra is a famous book whose author is called jealous and cunning

Earth Shastra is a famous book whose author is called jealous and cunning
Two well-known characters in the known history of antiquity and a remarkable book have been burning in the cauldron of conflicting traditions since the beginning of the nineteenth century, but historians and researchers are still skeptical. So, Chandra Gupta Morya, a common and unknown person who later became famous as the founder of a great empire and the life of an intelligent and capable mentor Vishnu Gupta and his scholarly deeds are still on the verge of acceptance and rejection. Swinging

The well-known history of BC shows that Chandra Gupta Moria was a helpless and anonymous person who laid the foundation of the Moria Empire in India. This is the first order which subjugated all the states of northern India and established an empire. He fought several battles from 298 to 322 BC, the most important of which was with Alexander’s ruler Seleucus. He is described as a follower of Jainism.

Vishnu Gupta was an ally and prime minister of this great emperor. It is said that he was very wise. He was intelligent, naturalistic and a scholar who became known as Chanakya Kotlia at that time. There are many traditions and stories about him, most of which have been based on the differences between religion and society. It is well known that he was a jealous man and that is why he became famous as Kotlia. He was a Brahmin of caste. With his help, Chandra Gupta established a great empire and succeeded in writing his name in history.

Chanakya is considered a political mastermind, administrator and scholar as well as a cunning and conspirator. Ignoring his personality and character, when it comes to “Earth Shastra”, it is considered a great work.

It is the work of Vishnu Gupta aka Chanakya Kotlia who made him famous all over the world. In this book, Chanakya has expressed his thoughts and knowledge on many important topics including ancient Indian culture, sciences and arts, economy, marriage, politics, industry, laws, customs, and state affairs.

Experts agree that the book was written between 300 and 311 BC. The original text of this book was in Sanskrit and it was discovered in 1904. It was first published in book form in 1905 and was later translated into English.

The Earth Shastra is considered to be Chanakya’s scholarly work which has three main parts. One is administration, the other is law and order, and the third is foreign policy. Also included are excellent articles on civilization and culture.

Chanakya and his author Arth Shastar are known to have conflicting views and discussions on it continue in one form or another even today. Even Indian and Western scholars have been skeptical of the existence of a person like Chanakya and the text of his book and there are differences of opinion about it, but some prominent Western scholars and Orientalists say that It doesn’t matter if the book was written by Chanakya or not, but it is definitely the most important and readable book of its time which has told the present world the story of an ancient history and civilization.

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