ENZI Kids Podiatrist Designed

ENZI Kids Podiatrist Designed

Enzi kids footwear is a podiatrist designed Australian infant footwear company that specialises in high quality infant footwear for babies and toddlers.

Enzi kids shoes are constructed from carefully selected high quality materials.
Premium leather linings are hand-picked to cover the infant’s foot in a natural product that allows the skin to breathe and be well insulated. Our signature full-length composite rubber soles are encased in leather, providing protection from sharp objects, and slippery or rough terrain.

Enzi Kids pre walker shoes and first walker shoes are designed to protect infant feet in style. The collaboration at ENZI kids of style and science, has allowed us to construct a designer shoe within an approved specialised structure designed to promote natural foot development.

Enzi Kids Crawlers & Walkers range accommodates infants from 3 months of age to 2 years and beyond. This collection is designed to optimise balance while children find their feet. A flexible soft sole is perfect for babies while they learn to crawl, cruise, walk and run; exploring their natural environment.

At Enzi Kids we recognise the importance of good fitting shoes, our webpage has a step-by-step guide on ‘how to measure baby feet’ to ensure you buy the correct size and receive the perfect fitting shoes. Well fitted footwear is of the utmost importance for comfortability, stability and to encourage natural foot development in babies and toddlers.

The journey of ENZI KIDS began in 2017 when our founder Gabrielle was searching for aesthetically appealing shoes for her son Enzo, that were also supportive. With flat feet of her own, and a Podiatrist for a mother, supportive footwear had always been of the utmost importance during her childhood and her own family life. Unfortunately the range that fitted her ‘brief’ tended to be limited and often dated. With an educational background in business and a flare for design, the idea behind ENZI KIDS was born.

So, in 2019 with Claire onboard as the Consultant Podiatrist, the mother and daughter duo started working away at creating a range of infant and children’s footwear for the needs of today’s families.

Fast forward two years, and in March 2021 we are ready to launch our first range of quality leather and premium fabric infant footwear, for the newest generation of crawlers, pre walkers and first walkers. You can find more information on their story at

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