Even powerful machine guns can do no harm to this Russian military uniform!

Even powerful machine guns can do no harm to this Russian military uniform!
MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia’s state defense agency Rostak has announced that it will develop the world’s most advanced military uniform that will be so strong that it will not be damaged if it is fired at even with a powerful machine gun. ۔

It should be noted that the 0.50 caliber machine gun (also called “fifty caliber machine gun”) is one of the most powerful machine guns in the world. The same machine gun is cited in the Rustic press release.

This garment, which should be called “military armor” in the true sense of the word, is the “fourth generation” of military clothing produced in Russia under the title “Sotnik”. The virtues of the “race” will be further enhanced.
The third generation of the “Sutank Combat Armor” is equipped with state-of-the-art military equipment, night vision, water filters and internal communication systems, while the suit can withstand 7.62 mm rifle bullets.

In this regard, the same bulletproof feature will be clearly improved in the next (fourth) generation clothing of “Sutnak”. That is, apart from small pistols and rifles, even powerful machine gun bullets will not be able to damage it.

In a recent post, the American website “Task and Purpose” described the Russian military uniform as a “future-friendly” and inspiring invention for infantry.

According to Rustik, the next generation of “Sotnik” will be handed over to the Russian army by 2035. Although the current (third) generation of Sotnik’s clothing was officially unveiled in Russia last Friday, it is not known when it will begin to be used by Russian troops.

On the other hand, another American website, Future Ism, has described the latest “Sutank” as a military uniform that will enable soldiers to become “superhuman” abilities during war. ۔

It will certainly be interesting to read that in the last few years, the American media has been regularly reporting on military research and development in China and Russia. Even rumors are being made a reality.

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