Facebook offers smart digital lenses for sale

Facebook offers smart digital lenses for sale
SAN FRANCISCO: After a long wait, Facebook has finally introduced its smart lenses, which are in store at the famous luxury lens company Ray Bean.

There are 5 megapixel cameras on either side of the lens that can be used together to take pictures and videos. With two cameras, users can now create 3D photos and videos. Its powerful speakers play music while you can make and receive phone calls through this lens.

But it will require an Android or iOS app and device (phone or tablet) to run. Despite all the features, the lens weighs only 50 grams and is priced at around 29 299. The purpose of this price is to attract more customers.

Interestingly, its case is made of pure leather, but it can be charged with glasses and the battery can last all day. It looks like a sunshine full of fashion and style but with many buttons you can receive media recording or phone call. In the case of video recording, a white LED lights up, after which your friends can get ready for the video.

The Rayben company has easily integrated all the electrical devices and circuits, while maintaining the beauty of the sunglasses. The majority of people thought that it would have the option of digital augmented reality, but this is not the case. That’s why it’s cheaper and there’s no display inside the lens. And not just a simple display that lets you watch videos and more.

Ray Benn says the invention will give the phone a new look.

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