First home sold on Mars, how much?

First home sold on Mars, how much?
Humans have not yet set foot on Mars, but a future home on the Red Planet has been sold.

Named Mars House, the home is the world’s first digital NFT (non-exchangeable token) home sold to a landowner, and sold for more than 500,000.

The virtual map of the house was sent to the buyer on a computer in the form of a 3D file, which was created by a woman named Kirsten Kim, who said that the map was developed during the Corona epidemic in May 2020 with her digital Buddhist philosophy. Designed under the concept of, ie an environment where human beings stay healthy. The design of this Mars house uses special glass fabric used in greenhouse paneling, which includes dining, sitting and sleeping areas as well as a swimming pool. The house looks like it was built on a hilltop on the Red Planet, which offers a chance to enjoy the natural scenery of Mars.
An NFT (non-fungible token) is something like a cryptocurrency that records digital assets, but unlike traditional cryptocurrencies, NFTs cannot be exchanged for anything else, as well as digital assets. There is also a value, which can present animated and animated images, videos, music and so on, some people give the buyer a 3D file, which they call their metavers, a collective virtual share space. I upload. Users can build virtual lands and build digital businesses and digital homes.

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