Gold Schmuck

What is a gold chain?

Gold chains for men were first used in ancient civilizations. The Egyptians were the first to discover the alloys and how to work them, which has enabled them to be able to create the first gold chains. The gold chain is a piece of jewelry that is usually worn by men. The first use of the gold chain was to be worn as an accessory that indicated the wealth and social status of the wearer.

Gold Schmuck: 

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How to wear a gold chain?

If you are looking to wear a gold chain, there are a few things you should know. Wearing a gold chain is a fashion statement.  Before you get one, decide if you are going to wear it as a fashion statement or do you want it for fashion but still want to be able to wear it in a business environment. If you are wearing it as a fashion statement, make sure you match your gold chain to your clothes. 

A gold chain on a business suit will look ridiculous.  If you are going to wear it for fashion but still want to be able to wear it in a business environment, I suggest getting a leather cord.  A leather cord will look just as good as a gold chain and you can even wear it with a t-shirt.  You will also be able to wear it in the shower.  If you are wearing it for fashion and it is not a necklace but a bracelet, wear it on your right wrist.  If you are wearing it as a necklace, forget the right wrist idea and let it sit on your chest.  

If you are wearing it as a necklace and it is a real gold chain, make sure you get a chain that is at least 14K gold.  You don’t want to be wearing costume jewelry because that is tacky.

What is a rose gold necklace?

The rose gold necklace, also known as pink gold, is a jewelry item, in which a particular alloy consisting of gold is combined with copper, zinc, and other metals. Rose gold, or pink gold, is a popular choice because it is durable and has a glowing pink tint, which goes well with other jewelry items. Rose gold is also easy to use and can be used to create a variety of different jewelry items, including rings, necklaces, and earrings.

Rose gold is a colour variation of the metal gold. It is a mixture of gold and copper. It has a pink colour when it is first made but over time it will fade to a champagne colour. Rose gold is one of the more popular variations of gold. It is more popular than white gold and yellow gold for jewellery. It is also used for watches.


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