Good news for paralyzed people

Good news for paralyzed people

Washington: Alan Musk, the founder of the American technology company Tesla, has once again surprised the world with a new invention that will be useful for people suffering from stroke.

According to the foreign news agency, the new technology introduced by Tesla founder Alan Musk’s company NeuraLink is a chip equipped with Bluetooth for the brain which is installed on both sides of the brain.

A video has been shared by Alan Musk’s technology company in which monkeys can be seen playing computer games pong using their brains.

The video shows a 9-year-old macaque playing a computer game, with devices mounted on both sides of the monkey’s brain, according to the company.

NeuraLink has introduced a computer that communicates with the computer through a short receiver and is installed in the brain, which has been introduced in animals before.

According to the video, the animal learned to operate a computer through a tube for ‘Banana Smoothie’. The video also shows the monkey moving the on-screen cursor through the joystick.

According to the report, NeuraLink devices manage the arm by recording the movement of the brain through 2000 electrodes installed in the monkey’s brain motor cortex.

Alan Musk says experiments will soon be announced in humans, and after successful experiments, products will soon be introduced that will make it possible for people with strokes to use smartphones.

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