Hackers are spreading viruses by attacking email servers, Microsoft

Hackers are spreading viruses by attacking email servers, Microsoft
California: Microsoft has warned that a group of hackers is attacking Exchange Email servers and spreading viruses, including common viruses, Trojan horses, spyware and ransomware. Because of this, thousands of email servers are vulnerable to attacks.

On Thursday, Microsoft said in a tweet that the malware had been dubbed “Derkray” or “Doja Crypt” and that a group of Chinese hackers called “Hafnium” was taking advantage of the server’s vulnerabilities. According to the company, hyphenium is the main group that is taking advantage of the fundamental weaknesses in the system. However, there are two more groups that are targeting exchange servers.

Ransomware expert Michael Gelspy says many servers in the United States, Canada and Australia have been infected with the virus. GitHub, the company that provides Internet and other services to Microsoft, was first spotted being hacked by hackers and a report has been published. Another company noted vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities in 82,000 servers that made the issue more difficult. In addition, hundreds of websites and servers associated with banks and the health system have been damaged.
However, no incidents of data theft or other forms of ransom have been reported so far.

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