How expensive is a manicure?

How expensive is a manicure?


Nails have dominated the entire fashion industry, and over time we have acquired a wide range of fashions, from transparent to natural looking. Although these nails are cheap at a price that literally anyone can get, but some nails worn by celebrities can be very painful for your wallet because it costs several thousand and some much more than a used car because they have gemstones. diamond scattering, gilding and so on. Let’s now show how expensive a manicure is and few can dream of it. In case if you end up growing nail fungus, treatment for nail fungus is available for your also.

Imagine you have such an expensive nail in the Guinness Book of Records. Yes, this manicure made in Israel is the most expensive manicure in the world. This nail art with large diamonds, sapphires and rubies with exclusive cutting costs and almost a million cycles (almost $ 309,000) was held at the largest diamond exchange in Israel. According to gemstone experts, this manicure uses 100 small carats weighing 4.25 carats, more than 30 rubies and 0.9 carats of sapphire, 2 carats of amethyst and 2 large 4 carats of diamonds to earn the title of most expensive. If this is your style, you are definitely looking for how you can be a millionaire to achieve this. Not all types of toenail fungus are same.

Diamonds are considered one of the most attractive gemstones and everyone loves them. And for just $ 51,000 Cherish Me, a London salon can do a diamond manicure to fulfill your wishes. Nail art is otherwise called “Ised Diamond Manicure”, which uses only 10 carat diamonds and transparent lacquer and was designed by the owner of the salon Cherish Angula. Despite the salon in London, anyone in the world can do and fly for free. This manicure is used by many celebrities who love nail art, such as Katy Perry, who did her nails for the MTV Europe Music Awards. Overboard, however, you can look for the best treatment for toenail mold. Gems such as sapphire, emerald and ruby were also used in manicures when Leighton Denny, owner of Day SPA and Saloon in London, began using them in designs that cost almost $ 32,000 and became popular with princesses. 170 people registered in the first month. for such an expensive manicure. As the idea progressed around the world, the designers came up with a new golden manicure that cost about $ 120, including an olive oil massage. Nail mold essential oil can sometimes be used as a beneficial remedy. Celebrities love golden manicures and have gained insane attention when pop singer Rihanna, a Grammy winner, has painted her nails worth $ 5,000. It like how to become a millionaire with no money type of lifestyle.

Singer and actress Kelly Osbourne is a celebrity known perhaps the most expensive manicure. In 2012, she walked the red carpet to the Emmy Awards with a manicure with a nozzle of 265 carat diamonds worth almost $ 250,000. Now, if that weren’t enough, Kelly did a nearly million-dollar manicure at a charity event in Los Angeles. The money raised from the sale was donated to funds to fight colon cancer. This basis was discovered by Kelly’s mother, Sharon Osborne, who was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2002 but survived happily, and wanted to help people who were fighting for their lives. Singer Gwen Stefani, with her bizarre looks and musical hits, has also launched her own line of nail polishes, which include manicure designs made from Swarovski gems and added the most expensive manicure.

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