How to maintain image quality when sending images on WhatsApp

How to maintain image quality when sending images on WhatsApp
The TS app is currently the world’s most popular messaging application. With the WhatsApp, users can share their photos, videos, documents and other files with friends and family.
With the Wits app, users can send multiple photos at a time, but one of the disadvantages of sending photos this way is that their quality is greatly affected. Pictures taken with high resolution and expensive cameras are also sent from WhatsApp so your friends get them in normal quality.
However, there are some ways users can use images to maintain their quality.
Here are two easy ways to send high quality photos in WhatsApp:

Rename the file
This method is usually better for sending one or a few high quality images through WhatsApp.

For him
Open your file manager and find the file you want to send in high quality.

Rename this file to image.doc ie extension of this file to .doc
Then open a chat with the person you want to send a photo to in the WhatsApp.
Select the option to send the file via attachments and select and send the image with the help of the document, which has now been converted to the document.
Tell the person you sent the image to rename the image to image.jpg via the file manager you have.

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