How to make planes safe from viruses?

How to make planes safe from viruses?
To protect the aviation industry from further damage, robots with ultraviolet light that kills viruses are being tested in aircraft in Switzerland.

According to Arab News, a company called UVA in Switzerland is testing these robots in the Embraer Jets of the airport service Helvetic called Danata in Dubai. It should be noted that Helvetic Airlines is owned by a billionaire man named Martin Ebner in Switzerland.

Judo Elmiger, co-founder of UVA, says it will be important to see to it that UV lights do not damage seats and other items inside the aircraft in which they will be used.

In addition, excessive use of disinfectants inside the aircraft can remove the color of the seats, etc. However, he hoped that in the presence of Code 19, the cleaning system will not frighten people with air travel.

He said the technology has been used in hospitals and laboratories for more than 50 years and is so effective that it leaves no trace.

Judok Elmiger’s team has developed three models of the robot, one of which has been tested at Zurich airport in Switzerland.

The number of people arriving at the airport was reduced by 75% last year, with the robot’s light scattering blue rays on everything inside the plane.

A robot can disinfect a small plane in 13 minutes.

Helvetic is a private airline that has not needed much support like other airlines, but its business has been affected by the Corona virus epidemic, an airline spokesman said. Will come

If our passengers and crew know that our planes are safe, that there are no viruses or bacteria in them, they will be helped to travel by air.

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