Human trial of antimicrobial spray expected soon

Human trial of antimicrobial spray expected soon
Osaka: Dementia and Alzheimer’s have become global crises. In this regard, nasal spray (nozzle spray) will be tested on humans very soon after going through several stages.

Scientists at Osaka University have developed a liquid containing antibiotics and antioxidants. It was first tested in the laboratory, then tested on mice. It will be tested very soon. But his research journey is long.

In 2016, it was discovered that the popular antibiotic Rifem Pyson could block toxic proteins that cause brain and nerve damage. Experiments have shown that its use in early onset dementia is very useful and can prevent neurodegeneration, but there was a risk of liver infection if eaten.
Then, two years later, antibiotics were administered directly to the brain, and the liver was not affected. This encouraged the experts and added a natural antioxidant resveratrol which is found in dark chocolate. So it has been shown that both Rifum Poison and Reservoir can be used together and dementia can be slowed down.

Tests on mice have shown that toxic proteins that promote dementia in their brains can be prevented. This protein builds up and increases the risk of Alzheimer’s. Therefore, experts have combined the two drugs to form a spray. By dripping into the nose, it reaches the brain directly and prevents harmful proteins.

According to scientists, the amount of 0.081 mg per kilogram per day will be a lot, which will be equal to no side effects. The spray will soon be tested on humans in the United States and Japan.

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