In children, the habit of staring at the screen can impair vision

In children, the habit of staring at the screen can impair vision
Cambridge: A new survey warns that especially young children should be kept away from smartphones and tablets as constant screen exposure increases their chances of developing myopia by 80 per cent.

According to a report published in the leading medical research journal Lancet, Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge surveyed about 3,000 people between the ages of three months and 33 years. In a questionnaire, they asked him questions about looking at the screen of a smartphone or tablet and did vision tests.

It was revealed that especially when children start using computer screens as well as smartphones, the risk of far-sightedness can increase up to 80%, while the use of smartphones or tablets only increases the risk compared to others. I reach 30%.
In 2019, the World Health Organization warned that children under the age of two should never be given a phone because their eyesight and vision are being formed during this time. However, it was warned that children between the ages of two and five should be kept in front of the screen for only one hour. This is because many aspects of vision last for five years.

But the survey found that in the UK alone, research by the Census Wide Center found that there were 2,000 families where children stared at the screen for 23 hours a week.

Later, during the Code 19 epidemic, the number of children and their own phone calls began to increase. The reason for this is the ban on going out and on the other hand online education. Perhaps the situation in Pakistan will not be any different as parents are immediately acquitting their children by handing over their smartphones.

Professor Robert Bourne, author of the study and an ophthalmologist, says data from thousands of children show how smartphones and tablets are affecting children’s vision and even impaired vision in adolescents. In this way, the relationship between the negative effects of the screen on the eyes has become very clear.

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