In the future in just three hours in any corner of the world

In the future in just three hours in any corner of the world

Twenty-one meters long, it is a small plane, but it is a huge leap in the history of aviation. For the first time in history, there is now a privately built supersonic aircraft. So far, the European Concorde (up to 2003), the Soviet Union’s Topolov Tu-144 (up to 1999) and supersonic military jets have all been developed with the cooperation of governments and military budgets.

But this plane is different. The Denver-based company Boom Supersonic introduced the first purely privately produced supersonic jet in October 2020. This single-seat jet is currently called the XB-1BB Boom. This year, trials of the three-engine jet will begin in the desert in the US state of California.

Three and a half hours from John F. Kennedy to Heathrow Airport
The project aims to validate an aerodynamic concept and then mass-produce this supersonic jet, for at least 75 passengers. According to experts, commercial flights of such planes may start in the second half of this decade and their speed will be up to 2700 kilometers per hour, ie the journey from this supersonic plane from London to New York in three and a half hours. Can be done But work is under way to design even faster supersonic aircraft.

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