Intelligent clock that detects nervous tension through sweat

Intelligent clock that detects nervous tension through sweat
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – U.S. scientists have invented an intelligent clock that measures the amount of cortisol in a sweat and detects nervous tension.

This watch is especially designed for people who are at high risk for psychological problems such as depression and anxiety.

A hormone called ‘cortisol’ is also called a measure of stress in the human body as the amount of this hormone in the blood and sweat increases as the nervous tension increases.
In addition, high levels of stress can lead to depression, anxiety and other similar psychological problems, which can sometimes be fatal.

This means that if the amount of cortisol in the body is constantly monitored, the risks of depression and anxiety can be detected along with nervous tension.

A team of experts from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) led by Professor Anne Andrews and Associate Professor Sam Emainejad developed the smartwatch.

The back of the watch is capable of absorbing even the smallest amount of sweat.

As soon as sweat is absorbed, it is transported to a microscopic system (microfluidic structure) where specific amounts of DNA are used to determine the amount of cortisol in the sweat.

Prototype of a watch that measures the cortisol in sweat

This smart watch, as soon as it detects more than normal cortisol in the body, immediately warns its wearer to take necessary steps to control the nervous tension.

Because the ‘normal cortisol’ for each person is different from others, the watch is first set according to the wearer.

Currently, a prototype of this intelligent watch has been developed which has been initially tested.

However, it can take years for it to reach commercial scale and become available for sale.

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