Introducing a TV that turns into a painting

Introducing a TV that turns into a painting
Have you ever thought that even a closed TV can be a way to enhance the beauty of your home? No, don’t think now because the TV called “The Frame” introduced by Samsung will do all this now.

Samsung’s model “The Frame” has been in the headlines for three years due to its amazing features, but now the new model of The Frame TV has been introduced in early 2021.

The new version of the frameless TV is not only slim but can also rotate.

Although this is not Samsung’s first mobile TV, the latest version of the TV is the most beautiful of all the introduced versions.
If you are not interested in watching TV, the new version of Samsung offers you a unique option under which the user can choose the image in the Samsung store by paying a fee and this image can be sent to your frameless TV. Will turn into a beautiful painting.

The company has not yet announced the price of the TV, but reports suggest that the Kanya model (32 to 75 inches) will be priced between قیمت 600 and 28 2,800.

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