Introducing interesting features for iPhone users

Introducing interesting features for iPhone users
California: People who have time to write a message on the phone, send messages to the wrong people or express the idea that Apple has made them easier for them later. Apple has introduced the two most desirable features to edit and send the iSmaj.

Earlier this week, Apple launched its latest operating system iOS 16, introducing features that allow the user to edit five times 15 minutes after sending the Issage sent to the user. Also can withdraw within two minutes of sending the message.

To use these features, the user has to press the message sent to the user, after which he can choose the edit or the dow sind in the options that come.
However, the message sent to those who were sent to them will be withdrawn or edited, but they will not be able to see the change.

This feature will only be useful to Apple users if a person sends a message from the iPhone to Android, these features will not work. While this feature will work best when the receiving message is also using iOS 16, they will receive a strange timeline of changes. Under these features, SMS messages cannot be edited or withdrawn.

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