Iran is training Arab fighters to fly drones, Israel

Iran is training Arab fighters to fly drones, Israel
Tel Aviv: Israel accuses Iran of training Middle East fighters to fly drones

According to Al Jazeera, Israeli Defense Minister Beni Ghantis says that Tehran is training foreign fighters from Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon to fly drones at the airport near the city of Isfahan.

The Israeli defense minister’s allegation comes as Iran faces international scrutiny over a drone strike on an Israeli oil tanker in Oman a month ago.
Addressing a press conference at Richman University in Tel Aviv, the Israeli defense minister added that Iran was using the Kashan airport, south of Isfahan, for this purpose, while Iran was developing drones on the Gaza Strip. Skills are also transferring. “We also have satellite images of drones parked on the runway in Kashan,” he said.

Iran has not yet commented on the Israeli defense minister’s statement.

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