Is it possible to make money through Twitter now?

Is it possible to make money through Twitter now?

Social media platform Twitter has announced a test of a new feature for users in the United States, which will allow fans to pay for access to exclusive content.

According to AFP, Twitter has started receiving applications from users in the United States who want to make money with the new features ‘Ticketed Space and SuperFollow’.

Alan Hewelseck and Esther Crawford, members of Twitter’s new features team, say Ticket Space allows you to provide exciting live audio streaming services, which users will pay for, while SuperFollow will allow you to connect with Most Connected Followers. Stay in touch directly which will also bring you revenue.

According to Twitter, Stars will be able to sell their content for between ایک 1 and 99 999 through ‘Ticketed Space’, while ‘Twitter Follows’ will have a monthly subscription of 3 3, یا 5 or 10 10.


“We want to make Twitter not just a platform for entertainment, but a place to make money,” Twitter officials said.

Twitter team members said that for the first time, users earning up to ہزار 50,000 through these features will be charged 3%, but after that, the fee for Twitter will be 20%.

Twitter officials say they want a small number of users to initially get the feature as a trial so that it can be tested before it is widely introduced.

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