It is very easy to print small heat generators

It is very easy to print small heat generators
Switzerland: If a boiler oven is installed somewhere, it is possible to run at least sensors and small devices by installing a small thermoelectric generator.

The Karlsruhe Institute in Germany has announced a major breakthrough in the printing of microthermal generators. They generate electricity from waste, are environmentally friendly and cost very little. Thanks to them, small sensors, meters and other devices can be continuously supplied with electricity, whether they are at home or as part of the Internet of Things (IoT), why not build a large network.

Many technologies have been redesigned to create new generators in Karlsruhe, for which a new architecture has been created. Also called Thermo Electric Generators (TEGs). And newer generators cost less and can be printed faster.
TEGs directly convert heat into electricity. They can be used in wearable electronic devices (such as watches, etc.) and in IoT. If experts want to constantly note a hot pool, then these sensors will continue to generate electricity from its heat and send data.

On the other hand, they have also played an important role in generating electricity from the excess heat emitted from industries and heating systems.

Prior to this technology, making small TEGs in the traditional way was a complex and difficult task. It used to make a circuit by assembling one component, but thanks to 3D technology, a new thermal generator can be printed and manufactured in one go.

For this, organic inorganic and inorganic nanoparticles have been considered as man-made ink-like chemicals. After many trials, the entire circuit has been printed from them in a single leap. Following this research, three-dimensional TEGs have been developed.

A generator is like a grain of sugar made under origami (paper folding technique). It has a three-dimensional template and ink has been added to it. In this way a large number of modern thermal electric generators can be printed very fast.

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