Key features of Microsoft’s new Windows 11 have surfaced

Key features of Microsoft’s new Windows 11 have surfaced
Silicon Valley: Microsoft Windows 11’s new user interface, start menu and many other features have been leaked online.

Screenshots of all the features of Windows 11, the new operating system for Windows, have been published on the Chinese search engine Baidu, including the new Windows user interface, Start menu and other features.

The user interface and start menu of the new Windows 11 is very similar to Windows 10x, visually the most visible changes that users will see are the changes in the taskbar. Microsoft has cleared the tray area with the app icons in the middle, while a new start button and menu have also been added.

The updated Start Menu of Windows 11 is a simpler version of Live Tiles than the menus in Windows 10. It has the ability to pin apps, recent files and quickly shut down Windows 11 devices. The user interface of the new Windows is actually much simpler than the existing Windows 10 in the market.

If you don’t want to put the app icon and the Start menu in the middle, this new Windows also has the option to put them upside down. Microsoft has also used Round Corner throughout Windows 11, which also appears in the context menu, around the app, and in File Explorer.


The senior editor of technology website The Verge also mentioned in his tweet the changes in the user interface and start menu of Windows 11.

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