“Mobile Monitoring Apps”

“Mobile Monitoring Apps”
Due to online classes, the use of mobile phones has become very important from children to teenagers, because in most homes, classes are taken on ‘smartphones’ instead of laptops or computers. Younger children than young people have access to mobile phones and mobile phone use has become a dangerous situation all the time due to ‘online’ classes.

These days, there is a growing trend of using video games or other hobby apps before or after online classes, as the kids in the class have become WhatsApp groups, so kids are no longer friends with their peers. They are wasting a lot of their precious time waiting to send and receive important messages, but even more disturbing is the inappropriate website, which is now accessible to children between the ages of six and 13, and it The dangerous world is at the fingertips of a ‘movement’, which can have a very negative effect on innocent minds.
It is as if a deadly weapon has fallen into the hands of a child, which can do the worst damage to their mental, physical, emotional development and no matter how hard the parents try, they cannot and will not save their child from this sudden disaster. Only then can they keep an eye on them at all times, because online classes have given children the right to not only have a mobile phone, but also to use it at any time.

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