Modern Doppler radar enabled in Karachi for better and faster weather forecasting

Modern Doppler radar enabled in Karachi for better and faster weather forecasting
KARACHI: The latest Doppler radar installed in Karachi has been activated while the Meteorological Department has also released a link to the radar on its website. The digital radar will be able to predict rains within a radius of 450 km and strong winds within a radius of 200 km.

Doppler radar will enable the timely delivery of meteorological information to airplanes and ships in addition to timely notification of hurricanes in the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal. Modern Doppler radar has cost Rs 1.58 billion.

According to the details, the modern Doppler radar installed in place of the old radar was activated in the city after about 30 years. The Meteorological Department has released a link to the radar on its official website.
The radar, which was installed in collaboration with JICA, Japan, has cost Rs 1.58 billion. The state-of-the-art digital Doppler radar is capable of detecting weather conditions many times faster than the analog radar installed since 1991.

Doppler radar was supposed to be operational before last year’s monsoon rains, but was delayed by about a year due to the worldwide situation caused by Code 19.

According to Sardar Sarfraz, director and spokesman of the Meteorological Department, the new Doppler band is a radar with a wavelength twice that of the previous radar and about 10 cm. Simply put, it has twice as much weather forecasting capability as the old radar.

He said that Doppler radar would enable short-term weather forecast over an area of ​​450 km around Karachi while other unusual meteorological activities including clouds and storms moving towards the city would be possible. Can be observed simultaneously from east, west, north and south, from all four directions.

In addition, the modern system will be able to predict precipitation up to a millimeter or centimeter scale in a short period of 2 to 6 hours under “instant forecast” (now casting).

Modern Doppler radar in Karachi will facilitate town planning and make predictions for rainwater discharge possible. If a system is passing through the vicinity of the city, the intensity of the rains can also be estimated.

According to Sardar Sarfraz, this Doppler radar will be very helpful for aviation in addition to any storm, rain, wind or any unusual weather forecast as the sky is usually clear during wind shear. But at the upper level there are strong winds blowing in two different directions which often cause difficulties for the aircraft flying in the air.

According to the Meteorological Department, the radar will provide faster meteorological information to aviation and offshore ships, protect flights and ships from hazards, and include international shipping and shipping traffic forecasting systems. Improvements will be made, in case of storms, rains, hot weather and other natural calamities, early warning will be possible, fishermen hunting in an area of ​​200 km in the open sea will be able to be alerted quickly about the weather situation, the sea. Timely warning of hurricanes from the Arabian and Bay of Bengal will be possible, the people living in the coastal areas of Balochistan and Sindh will be given accurate forecasting and warning and the loss of life and property due to natural calamities in Pakistan Will

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