Nanotechnology robots that purify water and soil and deliver medicine

Nanotechnology robots that purify water and soil and deliver medicine
Boulder City, USA :: The name of nanotechnology is no longer unfamiliar to most people. In this regard, scientists at the University of Colorado have developed very small, agile, self-floating and high-speed nanorobots that can be used in industry, agriculture and medicine.

They are 20 times faster than all the floating nanoroboats built so far and can easily cross many obstacles. They can pass through very thin cavities (KVTs) even if they have the same structure as labyrinths. In this way, they can be cleaned by embedding in the contaminated soil, reaching the fleshy part inside the body, putting medicine or making a very effective water filter.

It was created by Dr. Daniel Schwartz, a scientist at the University of Colorado. For the past 20 years, optical physicists have been dreaming of such a nano-swimming robot. But technology was not so advanced at that time. However, they have now been developed and are also called genus particles. The end of a robot made of polymer and silica consists of two parts. One part of it performs a chemical process and the other remains inactive. This creates a kind of chemical field, and so the robot swims like a snake.
If some pollen greens are also put on the surface of the water, they start moving around. In the same way, these nanorobots move forward on their own, but their speed is very fast. Then various experiments were done on them which prove their effectiveness.

Due to their properties, they can reach the cancerous sites in the human body and deliver the medicine. In addition, they can be used in many industries.

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