New feature of Instagram Stories

New feature of Instagram Stories
The social networking site Instagram has begun testing a new way to make better use of links to stories.

Insta will now be able to attach links with a sticker instead of swipe up.

These stickers will work just like swipe up links, but you just have to click instead of swipe up.

Similarly, users will now be able to respond to stores with a sticker, which is not currently possible in swipe-up stores.

According to Instagram product head Vishal Shah, the purpose of the test is to find out how people can benefit from links. He said that this test will also see that
What kind of links people post while spam and misleading content links will also be monitored.

He said that stickers are the preferred method of people in this platform and therefore links are being made a part of the overall system, which will make it simpler.

“Link stickers are a goal of Instagram that will be achieved gradually, it’s the system of the future that we want to achieve,” he added.

Currently this new feature will be limited to verified users or users with at least 10,000 followers.

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