New heat records set, with mercury exceeding 50 degrees in 23 countries

New heat records set, with mercury exceeding 50 degrees in 23 countries
Doha: The United States, Europe, Canada and the Gulf states are currently experiencing a severe heat wave, and the heat is becoming unbearable for citizens of European and American countries living in relatively cold climates.

According to a report compiled by Al Jazeera, Canada is among the hottest places in the world with 49.6 degrees Celsius and Kuwait with 53.2 degrees Celsius.

June has been the warmest month in many countries in the northern hemisphere. As of June 25, 486 sudden deaths were recorded in the Canadian province of British Columbia after the mercury exceeded 50 degrees. The ongoing heatwave in the United States has caused power lines to melt and cracks to appear on highways.

On June 22, the Kuwaiti city of Nevisib recorded the highest temperature in the world and this year. Where the mercury exceeded 53.2 degrees Celsius. Kuwait’s neighbor Iraq recorded a temperature of 51.6 degrees on July 1 and Iran 51 degrees.


In June, several Middle Eastern countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Saudi Arabia, recorded temperatures above 50 degrees. In the Gulf countries, summer temperatures usually exceed 40 degrees Celsius. But this year the heat set new records.

Maps of the world’s hottest places show that temperatures have set new records in every country in the world this year. Temperatures rose above 50 degrees Celsius in at least 23 countries.


What was the highest temperature recorded in the world?

The official highest temperature in the world was recorded in 1913 in Death Valley, California, USA, which was 56.7 degrees Celsius. The highest temperature in Africa was recorded at 55 degrees Celsius in Cabeli, Tunisia in 1931, while the highest temperature in Asia was recorded at 54 degrees Celsius in 2017 in Iran.

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